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Sunday Morning Reads

Seems the air quality in the Bay Area is slowly getting back to normal – and the sun is out – which has me wondering if I should step outdoors and do a bit of walking along the coast. Which is my normal routine on Sundays except the past three weeks or so – due to the poor air quality as a result of the Napa/Sonoma fires.

But it is a slow start – meaning to say, I naturally got online with my cup of mint green tea and found these to share – with those intending to have a lazy Sunday:

Love this guide to kissing etiquette from around the world

10 Instagram worth appreciating – although there are many others, this list is pretty cool

Craziest of pool designs from around the world and in my opinion a few scary ones.

Who doesn’t love pasta? And more – who doesn’t love to learn more about pasta – read on BBC perfect pasta take

Is it chocolate that your cravin’? Well here a list of a treat for Sunday from Food and Wine

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