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Decor: A Home in Lake Tahoe, California

One of the perks of living in San Francisco and the bay area is the proximity to all the creativeness that has defined the Internet. One particular, which I use often, is Instagram in all its glory. So, naturally, this article sparked my interest – to see how the man behind the creation has set up his home…in this case, Lake Tahoe, California – which to me is totally in line with the app design. 🙂

Sunday Morning Reads

Seems the air quality in the Bay Area is slowly getting back to normal – and the sun is out – which has me wondering if I should step outdoors and do a bit of walking along the coast. Which is my normal routine on Sundays except the past three weeks or so – due to the poor air quality as a result of the Napa/Sonoma fires. But it is a slow start – meaning to say, I naturally got online with my cup of mint green tea and found these to share – with those intending to have a lazy Sunday:

For The Love of Dogs, or Calling All Dog Lovers

I love my dog to pieces like most dog-owners do. I consider him or rather he considers himself human, participating in our conversations, and dinner preps, and even expressions while watching  a television program. He is the best at everything he does. My favorite when he snuggles against me the early morning hours, or while I sit up in bed early Saturday and Sunday mornings, typing away at my novels.  You get my point. This man, took his love of his dog to a whole new level only the photographs below can explain 🙂 and then some:  

We Need A Festival of Lights Everywhere and mostly in San Francisco

Feeling the need for visual therapy this morning, after scrolling through article after article about the Paris attacks and what we should and shouldn’t do. The idea of it all mentally draining, when thinking about it in dept. I decided I needed some lights, or fireworks or anything to do with happy thoughts to ease some of the anxiety starting to build up about the word around us.  The Berlin Festival of Lights which happened in October came to mind, admiring many of the Instagram photos and not saved online for our viewing pleasure.