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Travel: All Things Paris

I’ve been to Paris nearly every single month of the year – except December and January and in 2018 I am adding to my bucket list to experience my favorite place on earth at least the month of December – right before and during all the holiday festivities. In the meantime, here’s what I have learned recently…

The Christmas market is cancelled this year – so sad you may think? But the Major of this fair city is on a mission to revamp the travel destination to reflect more of the heritage – read on

If Paris is your travel destination this holiday season, then consider this list of five day trips with the Christmasy feel – read on

La Maison de Whiskey is surely a place to add to your list of things to do while in Paris

Luxury hotel de Crillon re-opens and is a must stay when celebrating a special occasion – like her birthday or your anniversary

An experience worth adding to your list of musts – Buly 1803 – go here

Best wine bars in Paris – although a list is offered up here, I say, when in Paris, every wine that is served is amazing . But in case you wish to know specifics, then go here

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  1. I loved this! As a total Francophile, I’ve made a couple of reviews on Parisian books, if you want to check them out that would be much appreciated. Happy blogging!

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