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Travel: Paris Cafes Worth Your While

I am itching to go to Paris again, more so right now – since I’ve never been during the holidays. And the simple fact, I can actually sit at one of these cafes is most longing:

A Girl Can Dream…

Once in a while I swoon over the idea of doing something extraordinary for myself. I imagine it, consider it, then talk myself out of it. Recent events being buying a much-needed new car, or an upgraded smart phone.  Even pampering myself. But I decided this morning, while struggling with my hair to cooperate the style I chose, thinking I may need a trim for it to stay properly in place – I vowed at that I would do something spectacular for myself every other month or so in 2018. Well, in light of this topic, here’s a far-fetched wishful thinking of mine – to spend a day at…   Has that ever happened to you? Where or what is it that you wish you could do?

Travel: All Things Paris

I’ve been to Paris nearly every single month of the year – except December and January and in 2018 I am adding to my bucket list to experience my favorite place on earth at least the month of December – right before and during all the holiday festivities. In the meantime, here’s what I have learned recently…

Travel: Exploring Paris Past The Eiffel Tower

There are many sides to Paris I adore and what I love most is discovering something new every time I go there – which is at least once a year. For example: {featured image is copyright rawsilkandsaffron and one I took on March 12, 2017 celebrating a friend’s birthday}