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Travel: Exploring Paris Past The Eiffel Tower

There are many sides to Paris I adore and what I love most is discovering something new every time I go there – which is at least once a year. For example:

restaurant Clover on the left bank – an inspiration for the interior decorator at heart with its monochromatic design

Hotel Panache is worth experiencing – located in the lively Rue du Fauborg close to restaurants and night life.

Check out the ceramic shop – Astier de Villatte for some wonderful local trinkets adorning the display cases

Liberte Bakery – a step outside the norm in Parisian patisseri in canal St. Martin – is worth an experience

I love a bookstore and in Paris there are still many to explore – such as Ofr Librarrie in Marais

{featured image is copyright rawsilkandsaffron and one I took on March 12, 2017 celebrating a friend’s birthday}


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