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Saturday Morning Interesting Reads Online

I get up at 5:30  every morning, no matter the day. I love the quiet, and the peacefulness, because it helps me think best and plan out my day and even reshuffle my life goals.  Then, I do some of my best writing here, there, and even a chapter for my next novel. But what I love most about this time, is what I find interesting online to share with all of you:

Why being near water makes us really happy. I can vouch for that, I leave my the ocean in San Francisco and I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else

with the concept of living near water, check out this chic waterfront fixer-upper I would move right into today!

I know people that talk about money on a daily basis. How to make money, how to save money, how to manage their money and sometimes I feel it’s too much to listen to them plan out loud their life in terms of financial security. So I got online to research and see if talking about money was a good or bad thing, and this article somehow shed some light on the subject. What do you think? Do you agree that talking about money is a good thing? Or…what’s your take?

Eco Textiles a Paris thing – I adore naturally. I’ve always wanted to do my own textile creation. Check it out.

The Most famous museums around the world – I decided to research because a friend of mine living in the UK told me she was spending the whole weekend alone since her husband had a boys weekend getaway planned. I told her to take the train and visit ANY of the museums in London. She shrugged it off on FaceTime while I rolled my eyes

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