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Saturday Morning Interesting Reads Online

I get up at 5:30  every morning, no matter the day. I love the quiet, and the peacefulness, because it helps me think best and plan out my day and even reshuffle my life goals.  Then, I do some of my best writing here, there, and even a chapter for my next novel. But what I love most about this time, is what I find interesting online to share with all of you:

What Would You Say To Your Younger Self If You Had The Chance

My birthday is fast approaching, and every year around this time, I panic, thinking I haven’t accomplished all the things in life I needed to just yet, and getting old is really not helping me get there. But I do wonder, if I could go back, knowing what I know now, what is the one thing I would tell myself to do? Don’t you ever wonder? I’d love to hear from you…drop me a line. Oh and in case you are wondering what I would say to my younger self: It would be to follow your dream no matter what…Because at the end of the day, it is what will make you the happiest. {photo source}