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Sometimes All You Need Are Photos…

…to get inspired. No words, just photographs, and you are quickly whisked away to a place that makes you happy, see what I mean.


Online photo which reminded me of a day where I walked along the Seine River, settling on a bench close to the river’s edge, eating baguette and chocolat


Online photo reminder of what I wish I could do full-time. Blog, write, and design my clothing line


Online photo right away reminds me of Paris, and all of the wonderful flower shops here and there, like no other anywhere else in the world….


Online photo of what I’d give to simply sit at a cafe and imagine the day away


Online photo of a wedding inspiration I used for my first novel Piazza Navona


Online photo of a bedroom, not sure, but if it were a hotel, I would love to wake up there, with the sunlight streaming against my face

{photo source}

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