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Travel: All Things Paris

I’ve been to Paris nearly every single month of the year – except December and January and in 2018 I am adding to my bucket list to experience my favorite place on earth at least the month of December – right before and during all the holiday festivities. In the meantime, here’s what I have learned recently…

here’s what happened in paris

I end my holidays in Paris, always.Simply because I feel I belong there, and maybe one day I will… Anyway, I stay in the same hotel for a week, near the Arc de Triumph, and on day one hardly leave my room, just sitting at the desk, and writing, while staring at the Eifel Tower and the Arc. It doesn’t get any better than that, I assure you or those who have the same feeling about Paris. Day two I force myself to leave the room, and venture down Champ des Élysée, just strolling towards the gardens, eventually ending up at the Louvre. I always go down inside the main entrance area, and walk about the shops. Just in case you are wondering, I’ve been to the museum countless times, so on my most recent trips to Paris, I decided not to go inside the salons (Salle) to view the artwork, and fascinating artifacts and such. There is a shop right behind the information booth, I realized on this visit, that it was closed, boarded …

paris and more paris via instagram

Yes, it is that time of year where I do nothing but dream of Paris in all its glory and even not the very perfect, I learned from speaking with locals. But it matters not, a girl can dream, especially one who lives so far away from this magical city. Here are some of my favorite spots perfectly photographed and uploaded via Instagram here: