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Travel: Where To Go In September

I always plan my travels for September – because I feel it is a great month to experience the best of weather, the least of crowds, and the locals not as stressed with tourists as they are during the summer. With that said, here and here are two lists of some of the best places to travel in September: {featured image: Barcelona, Spain}

Day four -piazza navona or bust

Rome, crowded, muggy, sticky hot and yet I was determined to spend two days touring the chaos. I say that lovingly. My main objective was to see every tourist site in one day and spend day two taking in all of piazza Navona and that thought process worked out perfectly. I spend an entire day from sunrise to ten at night in piazza Navona, studying every nook and cranny of the romantic neighborhood. Stay tuned to hear more about it soon. In the meantime photo photo photo:

boutique hotel pick – il sogno di giulietta – verona, italy

Keeping in line with the  Valentine’s Day theme and also with my Italy obsession  for 2011, I decided to include a boutique luxury hotel, (which I recommend by the way),  located in the heart of Verona, Italy. In case there are a handful of people who are wondering  what Verona has to do with Valentine’s Day theme, well I am here to tell you that Verona is not only one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it is also the hometown of Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet  (just in case I wasn’t clear enough). Of course their story goes without saying, but just in case I need to clarify, it is the most famous love story ever told  by William Shakespeare and many tourist go to Verona just to pay homage to that fact. What’s so interesting is that this particular property shares a courtyard with Juliet’s  house. In fact, it has a view of  the famous balcony where Romeo expressed his undying love and devotion to Juliet. The hotel is called  Il …

boutique hotel pick – parco dei principi – roma

As promised I am including some of my favorite luxury and also boutique hotels for Italy. This particular five-star property, the Parco Dei Principi,  is located in the heart  of  Rome, near the Villa Borghese park and in my opinion a wonderful place to stay in order to detox from the realities of every day life. To me, as I have stated before, hotels must be romantic or charming in order for me to feel like I am truly on vacation or holiday (as some would say) and although some of these properties are a bit pricy, the experience of staying in this particular one will be  most memorable – take my word for it. Have a great weekend!

all things coffee

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I hit 40-somthing. I guess I was naturally hyper enough in my younger days and didn’t need the stimulant to jump-start me. But now, if I don’t have a cup of coffee in the morning, I simply cannot get in gear. I try some days to not have a cup and I am okay with it, but by the next day I feel it is somewhat crucial to down a cup. I love to explore unique coffee shops, especially while traveling and often times settle on out of the norm places, because of the type of coffee they use to create their blends, the style in which the coffee is served, and the ambiance and decor. The type of music emanating from their speakers helps as well. My  favorite coffee shops are of course throughout Europe, mostly France and Italy and while there, it is really difficult to turn any corner without seeing a unique coffee shop or coffee bar. What is most enjoyable for me is the fact, …

how do we choose our role model?

When blogging, the author has the option to view stats which tell her (in this case) what articles or topics are the most popular and since I have been blogging, I noticed every time I write about Jennifer Aniston, people listen. This doesn’t really shock me much, because I like Ms.Aniston myself, even though I poke fun of her alot, but I am amazed that out of most celebrities over 40, the usual choice is Jenny – not from the block. So, I guess my question to my readers is, how do you choose your role model? Better yet, who is your favorite women over 40 to follow and want to be like?  I know this may sound like a childish game but in all reality women over 40 like to play games also. No matter how silly or trivial. Besides it takes the edge off raising their kids and dealing with their day-to-day life.

shoe fashion for fall 2010

I was looking through fall 2010 shoe trends and I came across photos of shoes they plan to sell this coming season. I don’t know about you but I am not sure what the message is or what the thought process is in regard to sho fashion. The thing is that bizarre clothing fashion trends come and go and then come back again and then go back and ok we can live with that, but shoes in my opinion are a different thing.  They can either harm you or put you in a hospital as a result of designer’s craze.  Do the designers realize how damaging these so-called trends are to any woman old enough and sometimes not old enough interested in owning a pair or two for the sake of being in fashion?  The other question I have is, when these types of shoes are marketed and sold in stores, does the fashion industry understand the impact these designs have on the women over 40, who craves to feel young and sensual but cannot physically handle the contraption …

getting ready for two weddings

Maggy London Illusion Back Pleated Matte Jersey Dress (Nordstrom)$148.00 – This is my best black dress choice for an evening wedding in Sausalito, California this June. I prefer wearing black for most evening occasions, it is the fall back dress for me when I feel self conscious about anything physically or just plain self conscious. Be careful however, with a dress like this one, you want to make sure your curves and bulges are in the right location of your body otherwise your attempt will be disastrous. Alex Evenings Portrait Collar Mesh Dress (Nordstrom)For a more full figured and bustier than myself woman, I suggested going with the following choices. Eliza J Ruffle Print Wrap Dress (Nordstrom) $158.00 – This is the dress I decided on for a daytime outdoor wedding in Santa Barbara July 2010. Again this style works for my body type but may not do justice for the full figured woman over 40. Instead, for daytime or outdoor events, I suggest sticking to neutrals and whites with some sort of sheer wrap …