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how do we choose our role model?

When blogging, the author has the option to view stats which tell her (in this case) what articles or topics are the most popular and since I have been blogging, I noticed every time I write about Jennifer Aniston, people listen.

This doesn’t really shock me much, because I like Ms.Aniston myself, even though I poke fun of her alot, but I am amazed that out of most celebrities over 40, the usual choice is Jenny – not from the block.

So, I guess my question to my readers is, how do you choose your role model? Better yet, who is your favorite women over 40 to follow and want to be like?  I know this may sound like a childish game but in all reality women over 40 like to play games also. No matter how silly or trivial. Besides it takes the edge off raising their kids and dealing with their day-to-day life.

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