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A New Outlook…

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been a struggle for me the past couple of months – trying to rationalize the changes in my life I never imagined possible. While I am doing my best to cope and mend, I decided Raw Silk and Saffron may not be the best place to pour out my feelings or emotions or whatever we go through when our hearts are broken. So, I am going to keep Raw Silk and Saffron all about the fun side of things and offer up this site which I’ve kept private until now, for all the other real-life topics in the raw, not sugar-coated, not diplomatic, just the real life facts and truth about – life, love  marriage and family. Hope to see you there. And if not, than glad you are here.

fall 2010 suggested books to read

    I love books and so I practically buy one a month to read.  I am always searching for new publications when I walk through bookstores and enjoy picking, in my opinion, what I think is a good read. Don’t get me wrong, I love all books except  suspense/mystery,  but since I tend to hon in on my creative side more so than the other sides, I choose books which will help me escape  the realities of life, even if for a few hours a day. I have, for that reason, included a list of new publications popping up at bookstores which I think may be fun to read this winter. Let me know what you think and/or if you have other suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line.

fashionista or sarah jessica parker?

One word, which took me a while to get used to, is none other than the word “fashionista” and after looking it up in the dictionary to get the true definition of it, I discovered that EVEN this word’s meaning has evolved through time as a result of shows like “Sex In The City” and Sarah Jessica Parker. I am certain that most any woman is aware of the show, the movies and Sarah Jessica Parker and of course there are some of us who admire her style and others who question it.  But I must say, although eccentric and sometimes over the top, her sense of style is most unforgettable and  a challenge for most anyone else to pull off. So, here is hoping we can duplicate her conservative look as a woman over 40 and do our best to avoid the rest.

midlife crisis in film

I watch movies like it’s going out of style. I enjoy watching and reviewing them and of course often offer my two cents worth on a good movie which in my opinion go unnoticed as a result of all the 3D craze. Here is one I highly recommend for the woman over 40 and even some under 40, which in my opinion, although pretty predictable, is an eye opener for all of us who go through the crisis in either denial or in silence. The film is called The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which probably lasted in theatres about a week or so and since it was an independent film, it wasn’t marketed like Avatar and Alice In Wonderland and so not too many people have heard of it. The film stars the beautiful Robin Wright Penn, who at the time the film came out was going through her own personal struggles with Sean Penn. It is a simple film, very touching and one that alot of women can relate to one way or …

eminem says “can’t you hear the sincerity in my voice when i talk”

Yes I admit, I am a fan of EMINEM and do listen to what he has to say more so than most rappers but the latest song from him with Rihanna, which has been holding steady at no 1 spot for two weeks in a row is probably the most troublesome. It sounds beautiful, especially when Rihanna chimes in, but if a man wrote a song about me or even spoke the words as detailed in the lyrics, I would join the witness protection plan and get the **** out of dodge. But the tune is pretty, for that thank you EMINEM

eat, pray, love in reference to the woman over 40

Another one of  my favorite reads last year, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, is being made into a movie with Julia Roberts playing the lead role.  Although the true story is about a woman in her 30’s, Julia is portraying the role while in her 40’s, which in my opinion require much alteration and revision to the film to fit the make up of a 40 year old woman’s lifestyle.  I am not really sure how good the film will be but the book is a recommended read for any woman who hasn’t read it yet. The book can be considered a motivational book and although geared towards the woman in her 30’s, some of us beyond that decade can learn a few things from it here and there. The only downside for the woman over 40 is that, if she were to consider using the methods in the book to self discovery, she must be childless to accomplish the challenge. But either way, it is a solid book and since it is based on a …

how do we choose our role model?

When blogging, the author has the option to view stats which tell her (in this case) what articles or topics are the most popular and since I have been blogging, I noticed every time I write about Jennifer Aniston, people listen. This doesn’t really shock me much, because I like Ms.Aniston myself, even though I poke fun of her alot, but I am amazed that out of most celebrities over 40, the usual choice is Jenny – not from the block. So, I guess my question to my readers is, how do you choose your role model? Better yet, who is your favorite women over 40 to follow and want to be like?  I know this may sound like a childish game but in all reality women over 40 like to play games also. No matter how silly or trivial. Besides it takes the edge off raising their kids and dealing with their day-to-day life.

shoe fashion for fall 2010

I was looking through fall 2010 shoe trends and I came across photos of shoes they plan to sell this coming season. I don’t know about you but I am not sure what the message is or what the thought process is in regard to sho fashion. The thing is that bizarre clothing fashion trends come and go and then come back again and then go back and ok we can live with that, but shoes in my opinion are a different thing.  They can either harm you or put you in a hospital as a result of designer’s craze.  Do the designers realize how damaging these so-called trends are to any woman old enough and sometimes not old enough interested in owning a pair or two for the sake of being in fashion?  The other question I have is, when these types of shoes are marketed and sold in stores, does the fashion industry understand the impact these designs have on the women over 40, who craves to feel young and sensual but cannot physically handle the contraption …

jennifer aniston and lolavie fashion

Now here is a woman you hate to love, Jennifer Aniston. In my opinion Aniston is a true symbol and an icon of “physical” beauty. Although how she got there is questionable since being a celebrity require a nip tuck here and there, a botox or two, lipo and more nip tuck. But I guess it’s ok if the end result looks like Jennifer Aniston. She is a woman over 40 now and I think with time, she has blossomed into an “old school” classy individual. This is why I love her so much. She makes no effort to dress in fashion, nor do things with her hair that is too obnoxious. Her shoes are always safe and one dimentional and that works. I could care less what the fashion police may say about her “stuck in the 80s look” because for some reason or another it works just fine. She knows what works and she sticks to it. Sometimes it is not the extremities of fashion that put you on a list, it is …

breakfast of champions for the over 40 years olds

You know we read here and there and listen to news about what “we” need to eat in order to stay healthy and maintain our weight. Whatever that means. I mean this topic annoys me to no end. I want to understand how it is that people can maintain a healthy lifestyle while coping with life’s pressures, breathing in the pollution day in and day out and consuming processed foods? No, but seriously, aside from the b.s., it is difficult to do our part and as a result we sometimes tend to eat a quick muffin for breakfast, or chomp on frozen waffles while we drive the kids to school, maybe even just settle on a cup of coffee if we are watching our weight just to pretend we got something in our stomachs before tackling the day. Well, here is my take on this. I am a firm believer of eating a good breakfast and taking the time to do so in order to have the most positive day possible. I understand most women …