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breakfast of champions for the over 40 years olds

You know we read here and there and listen to news about what “we” need to eat in order to stay healthy and maintain our weight. Whatever that means. I mean this topic annoys me to no end. I want to understand how it is that people can maintain a healthy lifestyle while coping with life’s pressures, breathing in the pollution day in and day out and consuming processed foods?
No, but seriously, aside from the b.s., it is difficult to do our part and as a result we sometimes tend to eat a quick muffin for breakfast, or chomp on frozen waffles while we drive the kids to school, maybe even just settle on a cup of coffee if we are watching our weight just to pretend we got something in our stomachs before tackling the day.
Well, here is my take on this. I am a firm believer of eating a good breakfast and taking the time to do so in order to have the most positive day possible. I understand most women are busy in the mornings to get their children off to school or their husbands to work. But believe me when I say this, time for yourself is really and completely necessary for breakfast, no matter how hectic the morning is.
The way I suggest you do this is: If you are a working mother or wife, take the time to make everyone wake up half an hour earlier so that the family could eat a healthy breakfast together. Cut fresh fruits the night before and set it in the fridge so not to waste time in the morning. Of course use a timer for the coffee maker. The quickest, easiest and healthiest breakfast is two slices of Oroweat Oatnut(my favorite) bread toasted with Nutella spread or Almond Spread (this is for everyone, minus those with nut allergies, then go with the bread without nuts and switch to spreadable cheese and cherry jam instead), a bowl of fresh fruits on the side and a glass of milk or juice for the kiddies and a cup of coffee for yourself.
Switch it up, another morning boil two eggs and Oroweat Raisin/Cinnamon swirl toast, again have fresh fruits ready (sliced melons and FRESH bananas is suggested) and the milk or the juice for the kids, plus your coffee.
Another option is Greek Yogurt (any flavor) with fresh homemade granola, sliced bananas with Nutella or Almond butter on the side and of course repeat the juice, milk or coffee.
On the weekend, consider making crepes instead of pancakes and fill them up with fresh strawberries, bananas, blueberries and drizzle them with Nutella or creme frache (found in gourmet grocery stores or Trader Joes).
The combinations and possibilities are endless, the menu exciting for the family and great to eat. Fun and colorful foods tend to entice appetite and give you a piece of mind knowing you did your part in giving your family a healthy start.

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