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jennifer aniston and lolavie fashion

Now here is a woman you hate to love, Jennifer Aniston. In my opinion Aniston is a true symbol and an icon of “physical” beauty. Although how she got there is questionable since being a celebrity require a nip tuck here and there, a botox or two, lipo and more nip tuck. But I guess it’s ok if the end result looks like Jennifer Aniston.

She is a woman over 40 now and I think with time, she has blossomed into an “old school” classy individual. This is why I love her so much. She makes no effort to dress in fashion, nor do things with her hair that is too obnoxious. Her shoes are always safe and one dimentional and that works. I could care less what the fashion police may say about her “stuck in the 80s look” because for some reason or another it works just fine. She knows what works and she sticks to it. Sometimes it is not the extremities of fashion that put you on a list, it is what you do with it that counts the most.

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