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shoe fashion for fall 2010

I was looking through fall 2010 shoe trends and I came across photos of shoes they plan to sell this coming season. I don’t know about you but I am not sure what the message is or what the thought process is in regard to sho fashion.

The thing is that bizarre clothing fashion trends come and go and then come back again and then go back and ok we can live with that, but shoes in my opinion are a different thing.  They can either harm you or put you in a hospital as a result of designer’s craze. 

Do the designers realize how damaging these so-called trends are to any woman old enough and sometimes not old enough interested in owning a pair or two for the sake of being in fashion?  The other question I have is, when these types of shoes are marketed and sold in stores, does the fashion industry understand the impact these designs have on the women over 40, who craves to feel young and sensual but cannot physically handle the contraption on their feet due to the  serious damage they may cause to their bodies, feet, legs and brain? 

I don’t know what your opinion is on the topic, I would love to hear from you. As for me, I need to find a shoemaker in a village in Italy and hire him for my personal shoe design and call it a day.


  1. I agree. I recently had to shop for wedding shoes for my (ahem) second time around…in other words, I was not a budding virginal bridezilla, but rather a sensible person looking to keep things simple…and i could not BELIEVE what my options were in the shoe market. Nor could I believe what the gum-popping sales staff would suggest that I wear to my wedding. As they handed me heels that looked more fitting for a stripper with tassles on her buzzies, they would say ‘these would look totally kick-ass!’
    And as far as the shoes above, I feel certain that could use them to change a tire; but I could never wear them on my feet.

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