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eat, pray, love in reference to the woman over 40

Another one of  my favorite reads last year, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, is being made into a movie with Julia Roberts playing the lead role.  Although the true story is about a woman in her 30’s, Julia is portraying the role while in her 40’s, which in my opinion require much alteration and revision to the film to fit the make up of a 40 year old woman’s lifestyle.  I am not really sure how good the film will be but the book is a recommended read for any woman who hasn’t read it yet.

The book can be considered a motivational book and although geared towards the woman in her 30’s, some of us beyond that decade can learn a few things from it here and there. The only downside for the woman over 40 is that, if she were to consider using the methods in the book to self discovery, she must be childless to accomplish the challenge. But either way, it is a solid book and since it is based on a true story, it is a great one to read about. Besides if you are unable to travel to all the exotic and beautiful places detailed in the book, run over to a movie theatre and see it on screen on August 13.

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  1. carla says

    Couldn’t agree more. Reading it again before the movie comes out. I agree about Julia Roberts. She looks good but huh? 30-something? Not too sure about that one.

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