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sandals and flats for summer 2011

The search has begun for Summer shoes and I must say there are a few I am considering to add to my collection, even though all I really need is a pair of flats and maybe some pumps for the summer. But of course, although I knew what I wanted, (The Salvadore Ferragamo Fademy Pumps and the Jimmy ChooWhirl Flats) I tried on the ones below just for the fun of it and fell in love with all of them. They are now on my wish list. Let me know what you think?

valentino shoes for spring 2011

Designer shoes are not only inspirational but in essence have a way of making  a woman feel sexy no matter how emotionally unstable she may be on the inside. (Ladies, I say that with love). In light of this subject, I can honestly say I am not partial to any particular designer, I am however particular to the actual design and functionality of a shoe.  So, here we go, first stop Valentino Shoes and since I seem to have trouble with choosing just a few pairs of  the Valentino shoe collection  for Spring 2011, I have decided to include some of my absolute favorites and offer you a link to the website here, just in case you want to go crazy.

a nostalgic holiday experience in san francisco

I am a sucker for nostalgia and usually get very sentimental during the holiday season, like (I am sure) most people do. I miss the past and long for when life seemed a little simpler and less demanding, when families where closer and holidays really meant something and  Christmas shopping was truly a creative and rewarding experience rather than a search for the trends and holiday sales. In light of this topic, I can honestly say that although I cannot change what has happened to family and tradition, I can suggest  finding a piece of a reminder from the past and escaping there, if only for a day. I personally do this by taking a day  in San Francisco to go downtown and walk only through historic ( iconic)  retail stores  encompassing Union Square,  so that I can detox myself from the demands of modern-day shopping frenzy through  a “Westfield Mall”. I walk through Macy (no 4) and then cross the street over to Neiman Marcus (no 6) . Afterwards,  I cut through Union Square …

experiencing france through montreal canada

Outside of Paris, my second favorite place to visit in order to get my dose of French essence is Montreal, Canada. Although most of my visits there revolve around   family, I manage to sneak in a day to escape the norm and traditions just to reconnect with the city, in my own way. It isn’t difficult to feel as though you are in parts of France, while in Montreal, because every where you turn there is a reminder of the French culture. Whether in street signs or billboard advertisement, architecture and cobble stoned streets,  restaurants and cafes, bookstores and more, the make up of the city exudes a more Parisian feel than most any other place around the globe which is influenced (previously colonized) by French culture. One of my favorite times of the year to visit the city is in the Fall.  According to family, Montreal seldom sees sun and is often times more cloudy and rainy than the locals prefer. Plus the humidity in the Summer months is most unbearable outside air-conditioned …

happy holloween from

I have a love/hate relationship with Holloween. As a kid, I was often made fun of for my choice of costume because I made them myself, so I stopped dressing up for the occasion. Then when I was in my 20’s I was forced to dress up at work because it was required of us to be a “team player”.  In my 30’s I ignored the occasion all together. Now, I have made it a habit to walk  through different neighborhoods in San Francisco in order to see  all the little ones in their adorable costumes as well as those who took the time to decorate their homes as if it were Christmas. Anyway, either way, I do want to wish all my followers and  friends and family the Happiest Holloween and please play it safe.  So, in honor of Holloween, I have included photos of some of my favorite pumpkin carvings. I am going to miss my traditional walk through neighborhoods on Holloween in the U.S. this year, but from the picture below, can …

in search of fall colors in san francisco

One of my favorite activities is walking. Of course I do it mostly for exercise but when I am walking in a more leisurely pace, it is so I can just take in the outdoors. Fall is especially a wonderful time to take a leisurely walk, because if you happen to live in a city where the leaves turn color, it is probably one of the most rewarding walks you will experience (at least for me).  However, in San Francisco we are not fortunate enough to experience the fall colors because, outside of the parks, we are mostly treeless and the type of trees we do have, they do not change colors. When I worked at Stanford University six years ago, I had the pleasure of walking the campus every morning before work and in the Fall, I was able to enjoy the colors while I shuffled through the fallen leaves.  As a matter of fact, there are benches strategically placed along tree-lined pathways and if you are bold enough to sit on one of them on …

ode to summer 2010

I usually get very restless and sad at the end of August because this is one part of the year I don’t really look forward to, transitioning into fall.  I think I have stated a dozen times before how much I appreciate warmer weather and worship the sun as a result of it and although we are just beginning “our summer” here in San Francisco, I still know it’s fall. The days are shorter, there is a certain crispiness to the morning air and the evenings are colder rather than cooler. So, in my own strange way of saying goodbye to summer 2010, I have included my favorite reminder of summer in a  classic and old fashioned kind of way.

the french riviera in a nutshell

You’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all goes the saying and if I were to sum up my visit to the French Riviera last week, it would be just that (not in a bad way). The French Riviera consists of seven major towns (Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, Menton, St. Tropez and Saint Raphael) and a dozen or so smaller ” plages” (Sea) access villages from the Cote D’Azur shuttle train. If you happen to have a Multi-country railpass (which includes France) or a French railpass, you can have unlimited rides on the Cote D’Azur shuttle train between the towns and the beaches. Our plan was to stay in Cannes for several days while we touched up on the towns to the west of it and then move to Nice for a few more days in order to access the towns on the East of Nice. So while in Cannes, we hit up Saint Raphael, St. Tropez and Antibes and when we stayed in Nice we touched up on Monaco/Monte Carlo, Villafranche Sur Mer and hopped over …

my love, love relationship with Paris

I once said, Acting is my destiny, Paris is my lifestyle and architecture is my passion. With that said, I want to dedicate the next few entries to all things Paris and share with you Paris through my eyes: One of my favorite things to do, while in Paris, is take photographs of the roof facades of the beautiful buildings all around the city . Most people look straight ahead when walking. I spend the majority of my time looking up as I walk, zooming in with my camera on the most beautiful or unusual and sometimes bizarre rooftops around Paris. I can probably spend numerous days capturing these shots and sharing them with my readers, but for now I have only included a few for your enjoyment.

foggy days in san francisco

Being a sun worshiper, I actually dread summers in San Francisco. Most everywhere around the globe experiences sunny, warm and even hot days in the summer months where people can actually dress colorful, have picnics and frequent the beaches or community pools for those living more inland, as well as outdoor concerts, sidewalk cafes and a stroll through a central park. It is a time to really enjoy the outdoors and get a dose of the old Vitamin D the natural way. But in San Francisco, that is not the case of course during the summer months. Those of us who live here seem to be the most depressed in the summer because all we do is bundle up and turn the heat on while indoors just to stay warm and dry.  The only folk walking the streets are the tourists, who often come here in shorts and t-shirts, and are always shocked at how the weather is. So, in an effort to cheer myself up and to shift my eyes from seeing nothing but …