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happy holloween from rawsilkandsaffron.com

I have a love/hate relationship with Holloween. As a kid, I was often made fun of for my choice of costume because I made them myself, so I stopped dressing up for the occasion.

Then when I was in my 20’s I was forced to dress up at work because it was required of us to be a “team player”.  In my 30’s I ignored the occasion all together.

Now, I have made it a habit to walk  through different neighborhoods in San Francisco in order to see  all the little ones in their adorable costumes as well as those who took the time to decorate their homes as if it were Christmas.

Anyway, either way, I do want to wish all my followers and  friends and family the Happiest Holloween and please play it safe.  So, in honor of Holloween, I have included photos of some of my favorite pumpkin carvings.

I am going to miss my traditional walk through neighborhoods on Holloween in the U.S. this year, but from the picture below, can you guess where I am going to be? 

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