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french women manifesto – who knew

I know, I know you are probably getting sick of my French this and that, but if you are then please turn the page, otherwise sit tight and share with me cause there is plenty to write about.

According to the book French Women Don’t Get Fat (website) there is a manifesto to follow. I actually laughed when I read the list because most of the items listed are a clear description of what I stand for and believe in. So I suppose I am truly French at heart. 🙂 . So here are some of my favorites

  • French women eat for pleasure.
  • French women eat with all five senses, allowing less to seem like more.
  • French women enjoy going to market.
  • French women do enjoy wine regularly, but with meals and only a glass (or maybe two).
  • French women eschew extreme temperatures in what they consume, and enjoy fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor at room temperature, at which they prefer their water, too.
  • French women get a kick from Champagne, as an aperitif or with food, and don’t need a special occasion to open a bottle.
  • French women typically think about good things to eat.  American women typically worry about bad things to eat.
  • French women know one can go far with a great haircut, a bottle of Champagne and a divine perfume.
  • French women honor mealtime rituals and never eat standing up or on the run.  Or in front of the TV.
  • French women love to sit at a café and do nothing but enjoy the moment.


  1. I can’t get enough of your French this and that so keep ’em coming! I love this book as well. Not just because of the diet advice but because of this very example of how the French enjoy food as a part of enjoying life. It seems so simple!

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