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foggy days in san francisco


Being a sun worshiper, I actually dread summers in San Francisco. Most everywhere around the globe experiences sunny, warm and even hot days in the summer months where people can actually dress colorful, have picnics and frequent the beaches or community pools for those living more inland, as well as outdoor concerts, sidewalk cafes and a stroll through a central park. It is a time to really enjoy the outdoors and get a dose of the old Vitamin D the natural way.

But in San Francisco, that is not the case of course during the summer months. Those of us who live here seem to be the most depressed in the summer because all we do is bundle up and turn the heat on while indoors just to stay warm and dry.  The only folk walking the streets are the tourists, who often come here in shorts and t-shirts, and are always shocked at how the weather is.

So, in an effort to cheer myself up and to shift my eyes from seeing nothing but gray all day, I decided to walk through the  Seacliff neighborhood, where there is still remnants of beautiful landscaping around the homes, in order to see some color. I walked away with over 80 photos of the colorful flowers in bloom and when I sit at my desk to write, while staring out the window into grayness, I often put the slide show of the photos on just to get me inspired again.

I can’t wait until fall just to see the sun again in San Francisco.

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  1. Amen. I haven’t seen the sun in 10 days and I’m starting to feel like I live in Seattle again! Damn that Mark Twain! Bring on September so we can have some heat.

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