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megapixel and hd nightmare

I understand advancement, enhancement, upgrades, more, much more, sharper, deeper, 3-D and all the jazz associated with making photos and film more appealing to the eye, but for heaven’s sake, these enhacement are really not good for the aging man and woman. It not only makes the photos clearer and sharper, but it also makes every wrinkle, blemish, scar, unwanted hair and other scary facial and bodily defects more visible and troubling, to the point where any person over  40 and some under 40, should probably avoid being photographed or filmed EVER.

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So what now? How do the inventors plan to address this MAJOR problem? Even celebrities are beginning to look scary on the screen. There is only so much that can be done to edit a film, or touch up a photo shoot before the person begins to look like something out of a wax museum display instead of a their natural self. What went wrong? Is more truly better than less? I mean I for one am probably going to retire from having my photos taken and will for sure hide behind a curtain when a family member decides to film a get together.

I am serious, I do wonder if this problem will ever be addressed, but for now, can we please stop enhancing the megapixel on the cameras and while we are at it turn down the HD on that television set will you, I am starting to have nightmares.


  1. Mauricio says

    It actually makes me feel good to re-confirm what I already knew about how the starrs are just regular people with wrinkles blemishes and an unwanted hair here and there. I guess we can say HD is good for more then its intended use!

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