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naomi watts makeover

Although naturally beautiful, Naomi Watts, in my opinion, was in a much-needed makeover, so I was really happy to come across recent photos of her where it seems she has a new look (I hope) and  not just a one time look for the SALT premiere a couple of weeks ago in LA.

Watts, who is 41 has two kids with her long time love Liev Schriever and in the recent years has looked particularly tired (understandably so) and I suppose hasn’t really focused much on herself as a result of her family life. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but I always want to see women make an effort to take care of themselves no matter what, just to keep themselves psychologically motivated to endure life’s *** on a daily basis.

I especially appreciate coming across a positive makeover and feel more inclined to push myself harder as a result of it. I do believe that the first step to feeling good is looking good no matter what the body makeup is, there is always a way to look good. (I will make it a point to address different ways throughout my blog) but for now, see for yourself.

What do you think, is Naomi’s look a refreshing change or not?  And by the way she has landed herself a contract with Ann Taylor to become their next clothing line model. Check her out in Ann Taylor’s fall catalog and window displays coming your way soon.

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  1. Chucky says

    oh good, now she looks like Jewel (the singer)…and then the other two pictures like Cameron Diaz… wow and whatever hapenned to all the wrinkles, it’s good to have money, don’t you think?

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