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Weekend Recap and Some Questions

Hello Everyone!

I decided to take a mini break from my computer this weekend, and instead spent more time in the kitchen learning our traditional cooking from my mother. A task I find myself needing more of these days – mostly because of the bonding we seem to have taken for granted in the past – being so busy with our lives.  But really – don’t you wonder now, why we were so busy or too busy for some things that seem to have become the more important of things since COVID-19?

Besides the cooking and sharing of stories with mom,  I watched a few films which I feel the need to share since it brought up more questions. Like…

The Humming Bird Project – touches on the greed factor in how businesses are run in the U.S. (in this case) where the race to build  the fastest high-frequency  fiber optic cable is at stake . The interesting part about this film was the many times human morals and behaviors were questioned and each time, power and greed seemed to have won…until the very end.


The Wedding Guest – to what extreme would you go to acquire your freedom from your family and customs – was the plot of this story where one man, for a small fee, was hired by another to kidnap his ‘true love’ from Pakistan and bring her to India so they could be together…except (naturally) nothing comes across as planned and you are left wondering if there was really a winner in the end? And how do you measure true love?


An Acceptable Loss – As usual all is fair during war – is the plot for this film – when security personnel are assigned tasks under false pretenses. What I often wonder while watching such action packed films, if the person signing up is aware at the time, that there is no such thing as a good deed.  The story had me questioning if I were put in that position, would I decline the assignment? Or take it, knowing the risks involved?


Dan In Real Life – Have you ever met someone, you connected with right away, only to find out he/she is taken? Of course you have. But the worst is – you discover that person is dating your sibling? And you are forced to spend the rest of your life or parts of your life in their company because of family obligations? Until you just can’t take it anymore?  What do you do?


PHIL – To what extremes would you go to fix your life? Is best told through this film – where a dentist in deep depression meets a patient who, with his few words and actions, help change everything about PHIL the dentist.  This film is metaphorically an eye opening experience where the message is – how one moves past  depression?


What did you do this weekend? Or what films did you see?

Oh how I’d love to sit under the bench in the featured image, soaking it all in

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  1. Anonymous says

    I would recommend watching each and every one of those movies. They all are very entertaining.

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