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Lifestyle: Have you Considered…

Yes, we are doing this, this morning. Getting a pep talk. You see I was up all night thinking about the various  conversations that I had with different people throughout the day which sadly brought my mood down. I mean you might very well know that right now we can all use more positive thinking than most other times to help get through these difficult of days/weeks/and for sure months.

The sucky part was that I wondered while laying in bed, with eyes wide open, hyperventilating – whether those folks that I spoke to were sound asleep, since they were able to offload some of the weight from their shoulders onto someone like me – a solid listener, and provider of the utmost reassurances.

So, if you happen to be in my shoes, or their shoes, or on the fence as to which end of the stick you are holding right now, I share with you some wonderful reads I found online which got me to this morning. 

If you are feeling stuck right about now – or perhaps have been feeling as such but can’t seem to break the barriers – consider these five suggestions to help you become unstuck

If loneliness is what you are feeling, then consider throwing a virtual happy hour – which is now becoming a thing. I love the idea the moment the company I work for decided to organize one last Friday

Here’s a swoon moment for you – a dad turning a negative into a positive by hosting a dinner party for his kids in a tuxedo

Here’s some helpful suggestions for coping with you children while working from home, I seem to be having at least one discussion per day regarding this topic

surround yourself by bringing forward things that make you happy

And last – stimulate your mind and keep the family entertained by connecting together a puzzle – really, what do you have to lose?

By the way, have you considered going for a walk in your neighborhood or close by park? It might do you some good. 

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