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A Burst Of Hope and Our Collective Love For Italy

I felt a burst of hope yesterday when, after standing in line for 40 minutes to enter the grocery store, I saw stacked cases of my favorite water. I thought it was a mirage, but I walked up and managed to secure  my two-per-cart cases of water feeling as if I were on top of the world. Baby steps. Don’t give up hope, we are going to get through this.

Lately, or let’s just say, every year around this time, I experience much wanderlust-particularly anywhere in Italy. Funny thing is, I keep sharing photos of Italy with my loved ones courtesy of Instagram to up their moods, or maybe mine – with a note saying remember this? or can’t wait to travel with you here or  how about that restaurant in Venice? 

Photo credit -Arthur Elgort/Conde Nast

What is it about Italy-time and time again, that I feel the need to include this fascinating destination to my annual travel plans. Except this year, it will just have to be an imaginary tour of what these editors have detailed here.

Exterior of Calle delle Erbe in Giudecca, Venice.

Here’s how you can go to Italy without leaving your home.

Terraced gardens at Belmond Villa San Michele

One must on my bucket list with five stars next to it – is a romantic road trip that I imagine with through the backroads and countryside of Italy, something like this.

This is where you would have found me at the tail end of my 2020 trip – now postponed to 2021 – hope to see you there

Lunch under the pergola at Joseph’s Tuscan home.
Courtesy of Annette Joseph

And this by far is the best suggestion for 2020, even though the article was written in 2019, we can all make believe – decorating tricks to make your home feel like Italy this summer

Share your experience with Italy - where is your favorite place?

{featured image full credit}

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