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Weekend Updates and Monday Happy Finds

I hate the fact I didn’t realize it was Palm Sunday yesterday – a celebration I take very seriously. The only way I discovered that it was, was when I went upstairs to visit with my mother – who was seated on her favorite armchair, hands pressed together, praying while mass was streaming on the television screen. I actually wanted to cry seeing her, with eyes closed, praying the way she does and especially now even more.

Have I told you all recently just how much I respect the elderly and their traditions and values and approach to all things life is throwing their/our way?

Anyway, after the crying, I came back to my studio downstairs and watched the heavy downpour from my window for about an hour and it was probably the most soothing thing I’ve done from the indoors. Normally I find my comfort with all the walks I embark on throughout the city. Staring out of the window, I realized how beautiful human beings are…really…truly. Something that’s gone unnoticed forever it seems – all of us running around, taking our existence for granted. But now we feel part of a smaller community. Because behind every closed door, all of us feel the same – anxiety, fear, the worst of stress, and the most difficulty, trying to make sense of it all, while smiling reassuringly to our children who look to us for security and protection.

I don’t know about you – but have you been watching positive news from online – through the usual social media, and laugh-crying about all the goodness and sense of humor from around the world?  I have.

Positive Updates from this source might be worth your visit at least once a day if not more

Imagine some feel good home renovation projects you might be able to tackle

Take This tour

Have you seen John Krasinkski’s positive online news show?

Support small businesses by order custom-made gifts for Mother’s Day – yes this includes grandmothers you are unable to visit.

Make a point or try your best to see the April 2020 Super moon

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