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Monday Updates and More Lovely Things

…And we are back – to another work week and the continuation of our current lifestyle – which by the way I have gotten so used to now. Have you?

Lots happened over the weekend, mostly in my head, where I am now wondering how life will be after the pandemic. Will we be mindful, thoughtful and as tight knit as we have become while struggling through the same challenges, globally? Or will everyone simply bounce back to the norm before the storm…that has swept the entire planet to its current state?

Just thinking out loud.

But really, in San Francisco we are in the final weeks of the best weather, before the summer dense fog shrouds the city for the next three or four months.  So, I did some walking across the city again, while snapping photographs of the springtime blooms throughout. Then worked in my garden – which I’d been avoiding due to severe allergies in my family – but I have to say, it was the most invigorating as plans to revamp the space was the topic of conversation throughout the seven mile walk.

So, without further delays, here are  the lovely things I promised to share:

Tuscan fortress turned into a lovely retreat has me inspired. Take a tour here

The tile work – and all of this fantasy kitchen, I want but wonder if it can sustain my use?

Have you seen Normal People – a Hulu series adaptation about a novel by Sally Rooney – you might want to consider watching – which to me is a modern take on When Harry Met Sally – and just as wonderful in story, and the set

Find one of nineteen productive things to do right now. Can you guess which I do?

This cake has won my heart – and will be served on this Mother’s day to my MUM

{featured image full credit}

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