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What Are We Doing…

It’s Monday. Well, Monday night in some places. But you get the point. The beginning to a new week. Although most things are spilling over from last week as usual.

Nevertheless, I have to say I had a pretty interesting weekend.

On Friday, our company was gracious enough to give a mental health day-off. Which mean we had the option to unplug without using up a paid vacation day. So – free day is basically where I am going to with.

I totally appreciated it and decided in order to get the full benefit of a mental health day. I would venture out from the city (San Francisco) out by 40 minutes to Muir Woods and immerse myself in all things nature.

It worked, for the most part. Especially since we trekked away from the planked pathways and we went deeper into the woods, where my imagination took hold of everything. To the point I felt a bit panicked, being so far away from civilization with no cell service. I think the smoke filled air from the fires, plus the cold weather also played a part in the eeriness.

Photo by Zetong Li on

In the end, I was very glad to have had the chance – to simply unplug from all things making up the world right now.

New Thoughtare you ready for Autumn?

Photo by William Alexander on
Photo by Pixabay on

Have the leaves began to transition in fall color in your part of the world?

Photo by Jacob Colvin on
Photo by Irina Iriser on

I want to venture out to an apple farm this fall. Hope one is open to the public this year. Maybe a fall festival of sorts. I think I may take up a craft or two, how about you?

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