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Would You Do The Color Pink?

Millennial and the color pink go hand in hand according to everyone –  but I have to admit that I have always appreciated the color in the classic, pastel shade or those bearing a rosy hue, or a soft peach blend. Pink is classic, timeless, and women of all ages should own at least one thing pink-ish.  If not in decor, or fashion (clothing) then for sure lipstick. Like this shade Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany, which is still available here or this shade of pink, Penelope Cruz wore in a Lancome ad years ago, and one I wear to this day. Pink is a wonderful color.

So just humor me, for those on the fence about Pink. Would you consider pink in

a nightstand vase with pink flowers

decor options in pink

Formal living room in Pink

Fancy China by Kate Spade

Satin pink drapes

Or a Pink Bedroom

Pink House

Soft Pink coat if it were from Burberry

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