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Weekend Recap and A Few Interesting Topics

Well, as usual or expected the heavy or dense fog is back in San Francisco and the kick off to the normal summer has begun, where the locals dress in winter clothes and the tourists show up in shorts and summer attire and hardly a jacket.

So, while vegging out on Sunday at home, reading, then preparing meals for the week, I naturally thumbed through my phone here and there and found these topics interesting enough to share.

But first a question: Do any of you dabble in photography? If so, how do you save your pictures?

Notre Dame held its first mass since the fire and President Marcon still vows to have the Cathedral renovated/completed in five years. Donors haven’t yet paid their pledged amounts and it seems everyone is waiting for an approved plan to take shape.

July’s own solar eclipse – is best scene in South America. How dedicated are you to see in person the total eclipse?

If Lake Como has become too touristy for your taste, consider Lake Orto in Italy –

Best waterproof mascara for the hot summer days or the muggy ones and then there is the fog. You get the point

I’ll take one please – my dream refrigerator for all things freshly made

{featured image source}

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