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Travel: Top 20 in 2019

Suggested travel destinations go full circle it seems throughout the years, and some places stay on the list year after year. But either way, here’s the top 20 suggested travel destinations for 2019 and which ones got me thinking where it is I will be this summer.

Copenhagen has been on my mind for a while and I am always imaging a week or two simply tucked away in a hotel room overlooking a body of water and writing away

Liechtenstein is near fairy tale and a destination on my list of lists

Arles, France to take part in all things art and a bit of ancient

Auckland, New Zealand is a sanctuary where I may think that I’d died and gone to heaven

This one is an easy annual trip I do since I live in San Francisco and Napa is only 1.5 hours away. I go once a season to experience the beauty of this perfect destination

{featured image of Tbilisi, Georgia (Caucasus and not the Georgia in the US)

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