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Weekend Recap and Some Thoughts

With nowhere to go – considering the relentless fires all around the bay area, I felt extremely sad when I woke up Saturday and scrolled through the local news, about the parks, the redwoods, the animals, the air, and all things in distress due to the fires we have yet to contain in northern California. Twenty-twenty has topped one of the worst for the twenty-first century and we are doing everything to stay positive, focused, upbeat, and push onward. After breakfast, we headed out to Burlingame, to the post office to ship some care packages to a loved one in the military.  The quaint village, I’d like to call it, was covered in smoke, and the air quality the most unhealthiest, making it near impossible to walk through Burlingame Avenue without gasping for air, or feeling the need to rub our eyes.  I figured since we were unable to venture out anywhere along the coast, or even through trails inland, we would instead head to the Central Park and hang out at the Japanese Garden …

Travel: Top 20 in 2019

Suggested travel destinations go full circle it seems throughout the years, and some places stay on the list year after year. But either way, here’s the top 20 suggested travel destinations for 2019 and which ones got me thinking where it is I will be this summer. {featured image of Tbilisi, Georgia (Caucasus and not the Georgia in the US)

Travel: San Francisco Day Trip and Photo Op.

The wine country is a place I can visit once a month. It’s a great day trip escape from a bustling city like San Francisco. On Sunday, the weather was unusually hot and a little muggy, so we decided to take our typical day trip: We parked on the Main Street in Sausalito to have breakfast, and I had to take these unusually wicked photographs. And I snapped more photos than I could imagine, wishing I could forego the rest of the plans and simply run through the fields. Why is it – fields of flowers bring out the kid in all of us. We had a picnic in V. Satui winery as we always do, napped under the trees, and then headed back home.   Can you blame a girl 🙂

small business shopping day

I’m not a fan of Black Friday and do everything in my power to stay away from the malls for the sake of my safety and those who I love around me. I’m not sure when it all went bad and turned dangerous, but it has and I am going to do everything in my power each year to avoid it. Deeming the entire exercise unnecessary. What I do however find refreshing, is the small business shopping day, set the day after Black friday for all the mom and pop stores, in smaller neighborhoods throughout America, who in my opinion truly deserve more than just a day of shopping to be rewarded. Although I am out-of-town, visiting family, I plan to locate a neighborhood where I am to support a few small businesses and I hope that you do the same.  Happy Holidays!!!  

finding time to yourself: a must for every woman

Occasionally and as expected, women feel overwhelmed by all the things they need to accomplish or take care of on a daily basis and based on that fact, tend to be considered moody or emotional. I suppose the opposite sex will never understand.  But to cope with a hectic schedule or a lifestyle without losing it, every woman needs to take a few hours, even if just one day a week and pamper herself.  Not only does it feel good to do it, but it is almost a requirement.  When I get “emotional or moody” I stop whatever it is I am doing and plan out how to recharge, regroup or revive and here’s what I do: Walk in my favorite neighborhood on Sunday morning by myself here Pamper myself with a facial and a body massage from here Go to brunch with my mother here, here or here Watch old classic films, curled up on my bed on a Saturday night from here Create something with my hands here, here, or here Go to …

christmastime in the napa wine country

I have never been to Napa past October, let alone during the holiday season. Usually because, the countryside past the turning of the leaves, isn’t  as appealing during this time of the year and if there is rain involved, the region usually experiences flooding, making it difficult to travel.  However, this past weekend, we decided to venture out to Napa since it’s been unusually warm and dry around the bay area. I must admit, I was actually surprised to discover still remnants of fall all around, with colorful trees standing strong, bright orange leaves hanging on their last thread along the walls of the wineries, vibrant green holy leaves and red berries blooming  through the bare twigs of the fig trees. It was truly a sight for sore eyes.  To top it off, once we opened the doors to all the wineries we visited, I was captivated by the warm glowing lights and sparkle from all the Christmas decor and the subtle smell of cinnamon and spice incense emanating from every room. I loved every …

boutique hotel pick – palace hotel – san francisco, california

I have, for a while now and on occasion,  dedicated an entire blog entry to some of my favorite boutique and luxury hotels in Europe. But this past week, since the weather has been the most ideal in San Francisco, I almost felt like a tourist visiting because the entire city had a beautiful glow to it. Anyway, every day as I walk to work, I pass by the Palace Hotel and while in front, I slow my pace in order to get a glimpse of the tourists lined up at curbside waiting for their limousines to whisk them away, whether it be to the airport or a private tour of some sort. It dawned on me that I needed to include this amazingly, beautiful hotel as one of my favorites in the city by the bay. Have an amazing weekend everyone! {For photos reference of Palace Hotel, please click here}

chef at heart and gastronomy

I love food and admire anyone who is able to cook, and  although I consider myself a pretty good cook, I prefer watching others do it more.  With that said, one of my favorite French word  gastronomie (gastronomy: the art and science of good eating) is probably what I live by.  I do not like to rush through a meal and will spend a good amount of time making sure what I put together and where I eat satisfy my artistic pallete. I must admit, I have had the great pleasure of tasting some of the best cuisines around the globe and of course have followed some great chefs on television throughout my life. First my mother and aunts, then in the old and golden days I watched Julia Childs and Jacques Pepin on television, then thought Betty Crocker was the most amazing, and admired  Mrs. Fields Cookies founder (Debbie Fields) and loved  (still do) See’s Candies Chocolatier. But in the last decade or so gourmet cooking became the in thing to do and thanks to …