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chef at heart and gastronomy

I love food and admire anyone who is able to cook, and  although I consider myself a pretty good cook, I prefer watching others do it more.  With that said, one of my favorite French word  gastronomie (gastronomy: the art and science of good eating) is probably what I live by.  I do not like to rush through a meal and will spend a good amount of time making sure what I put together and where I eat satisfy my artistic pallete.

I must admit, I have had the great pleasure of tasting some of the best cuisines around the globe and of course have followed some great chefs on television throughout my life. First my mother and aunts, then in the old and golden days I watched Julia Childs and Jacques Pepin on television, then thought Betty Crocker was the most amazing, and admired  Mrs. Fields Cookies founder (Debbie Fields) and loved  (still do) See’s Candies Chocolatier.

But in the last decade or so gourmet cooking became the in thing to do and thanks to Cable TV we were introduced to the behind the scenes of professional gourmet cooking. And so  I spend entire Saturdays (mostly in the winter months) watching the cooking channel.  I can honestly say I overdosed sometimes and then walked into my kitchen and tried to duplicate what I had just learned and sometimes succeeded and other times failed.

Over time however, I began to weed out the best of the best chefs (in my opinion) and stuck to them, not only because I love their style of cooking but because I feel pretty connected to them in taste and passion for cooking and good food. So my choice of chefs are The Barefoot Contessa, Anthony Bourdain and Michael Chiarello.

Out of the three, Michael Chiarello, owns a restaurant in Yountville, California called Bottega, where I have dined frequently and of course highly recommend and what is most amazing is that he often comes out and greets his guests. The food is great and the ambiance breath-taking.

As for Anthony Bourdain, I wish I could be his apprentice and  travel the world while cooking and connecting with various chefs, but for now, his show will have to do and is the most fun to watch.  And last but not least, The Barefoot Contessa (a.k.a. Ina Garten), who I also admire and would love to have as my personal chef, caterer and purveyor of quality food.

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  1. Mauricio says

    The food at Bottega is amazing. My favorite italian restaurant. Too bad its so far from me, or maybe that’s a good thing? But when we go we make a day of it and visit the wine country as well; good stuff!!

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