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fashion nightmare for the woman over 40

As I walk through the mall and eyeball the fall collection slowly making its  way into the department stores and boutiques, I must say I am freaking out because I realize more and more that, what the fashion industry is churning out these days cannot possibly work well on the average woman over 40.

I mean sure there are amazing blouses, sweaters, pants and skirts and handbags and shoes that I dream of owning and wearing now but know that they are better fit for the woman under 40. Then I flip through magazines and watch fashion shows and realize more and more, no one is targeting to the woman over 40.

I don’t understand why that is so. I mean don’t we deserve trendy clothes and fashionable shoes at our age? Have we been overlooked because most women in their 40’s are either married with kids, divorced with kids, overweight, bulging in all the wrong places, or perhaps has let herself go for more reasons than one and not at all interested in looking her best? Not sure what the reason is, but either way it is unacceptable in my opinion.

Please don’t tell me there are specialty stores for the women over 40 because I have seen those as well and they are not trendy nor complement the figure or self-esteem of a woman over 40. They are just clothes, conservative and simple.

So, what is a woman in her 40s suppose to do to look and feel good without standing out for trying too hard?

According to what I have discovered, here is the buzz about what a woman over 40 should consider to looking trendy this fall (2010).

1. Consider incorporating the color gray into your outfits while making sure the shade is right for your skin tone. Compliment the gray with plum or a deep shade of red. I personally prefer charcoal for my skin tone and it works really well with most any blouse or sweater I own.

2. For pants go with the wide leg over the skinny because the wider bottoms tend to balance out a full-figured woman and compliment the super skinny ones as well. Just remember not to wear an overbearing top with the wide leg pants. Then it’s overkill.

3. Avoid chunky and oversized sweaters as if it were the plague. They do not compliment a full-figured woman and in a way date your fashion sense.

4. One piece of clothing to consider is patterned opaque hose. This is one fall trend that is okay for the woman over 40 to consider. Patterns, prints, fish nets and deep dark colors. I prefer wool skirt, stocking and ankle length boots.

5. As for accessories, try bold and heavy necklaces, rings and bracelet to accent this falls colors and heavy fabrics.

Hopefully these small suggestions will help carry us into spring and then it’s back to the drawing board. And remember don’t get discouraged, just drop me a line and we can talk about what options you should consider when shopping for a wardrobe.


  1. Really good advice! I do love the new fall colors and some of the looks I’m seeing over here on the French Riviera, but totally agree with you that there just aren’t many (if at all) designers who are focusing on the over 40 women…

    One thing French women do fabulously is accessorize… A casually draped scarf, different shoes, bag and jewelry, and you’ve changed the outfit.

    The only thing I would add is: attitude. Once you’ve found your staple pieces this fall that make you feel good as well as look it – then hang onto that attitude! Get out there are strut your stuff because over 40 women are fabulous!

  2. Ignoring women over 40 is a cultural problem, but I also think that part of the issue may be that many of us are no longer willing to follow trends. We will wear what we like, for multiple seasons, whether it’s “in fashion” or not. Perhaps the fashion industry knows that.

    I think we can only do what you are already doing: pick and choose those trends that do work and then, like Cheryl says, wear them with some attitude!

  3. This is one of my ultimate all-time piss offs. When will these designers figure out that women look their best in their 40’s and 50’s? That is when women figure out what looks good on them. Girls in their 20’s may still have everything sitting right under their chin but some of the crap you sport in your 20’s is a lot of trial and error. Mainly error.

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