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Parisian chocolat and teaser desserts


I am not a fan of desserts but once in a while, I do get a sweet tooth and feel the need to sample a light and fluffy dessert and/or a piece of quality chocolate.

My favorite dessert of course is French dessert and although they have been infused into the American culture via restaurants and some gourmet grocery stores, it is not the same as eating one in, say Paris or anywhere France.

What is the most amazing is, the number of chocolatiers or “chocolat” (French Spelling) boutiques around the city of Paris and some in the French Riviera. The neatly and beautifully displayed chocolates and desserts in a perfectly temperature controlled boutiques give you a sense of experiencing being “a kid in a candy store” except for adults.

I had trouble deciding on which piece I wanted to sample and had a blast pointing out the creations to my husband while we travelled the region. The flavors, aroma, quality and care taken in the masterpieces are something I will miss until the next time and in the meantime, I have to search for French desserts in my neck of the woods, which hopefully could hold me over.

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  1. Mauricio says

    I AM a fan of desserts, well not really a fan cuz in the end I end up eating them… What??? Isn’t that what they’re for? Anyway, I always have room for desserrt no matter how much I’ve eaten.

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