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interior affair for this woman over 40

If someone were to tell me I won a good amount of money to redecorate my home, of course after relocating to Paris or perhaps to New York, I would immediately go to the internet for the most inspiring styles and decor to incorporate or copy for my nice, new loft or apartment.

For a person like me, who likes change almost on a weekly basis, it is really  difficult to pin point any particular style. I use what I like and sometimes that may mean it is too unconventional, somewhat bizarre or even  eccentric for my circle of family and friends, but for the most part it works for me.

The way I see it, I really don’t feel that every room has to be the same in style, I also like mixing and matching furniture, colors and themes as long as there is some interesting flow to what I have created.

So, although some of the photos I included are just the tip of the iceberg of what I see happening around me, when I decorate an apartment or a loft, it will at least give you an idea of where I am going with it. Hope you like and if you don’t then feel free to share your style by including a link of your blog or your favorite blog.

This would be my entrance

My living room

Dining Room

Master Bedroom with luggage rack - Because I love to Travel

Bathroom 1 or 2

Guest Bathroom

Kitchen style 1 - I can probably add 100 photos of kitchens

Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom 2 - Just In Case I need space

Family or Gathering Room

Family Room Desk and Chair

My Office style 1 - This room I can take into a whole new level as well

This piece has to be on top of the stairwell just because

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  1. Chucky says

    You’re mixing two main styles, which it can work but you must stay closer to the clean lines that it seems to be the most predominant here (only I can see two miss matches, guest bathroom and that piece in the top of the stairwell) your color pallet is also very good choice, mostly white, because then you can play with the furniture’s diferent styles and colors, good choices, now start working to get your place in order…

  2. Mauricio says

    Nice. I’ve always dreamed of owning/living in a 1 floor flat on a highrise. That’s what these pictures remind me of. Good selections in my opinion!!

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