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interior decor: eclectic styles

There is always room in my life to remodel or change the decor somewhere in the house, keeping life exciting and a little unsettled. I like that 🙂 and although some find my approach a little threatening, I think it’s refreshing. With that said, the latest interior decor likes I’d like to consider for my open space loft: {photo sources click here}

beautifully simple interior decor

First weekend of Fall and we, meaning San Francisco, experienced our first rain-ish  of weather the season. You know what? I didn’t mind it a bit, because it gave me the chance to stay indoors and clean up and believe it or not get inspired about my writings. This time of year I tend to shift my attention to warm and cozy indoor places and daydream about Parisian lifestyles. So, of course, it’s no wonder I cam across some visuals here, which remind me of just that.

modern vintage apartment decor

The amount of time I spend flipping through magazines and online sites for home decorating ideas, you would think I was an interior designer. But no, I am simply an admirer and extreme follower of the trade. The most appealing aspect of interior decor that I discovered is,  most anything is doable, if the pieces create a livable space. Unusual is fine, colors are great and mix and match is always the in thing.  That is at least from where I am sitting :). So, you won’t be shocked if I admitted to the fact, I am a fan of modern vintage decor and here are some photos of my favorite living room, which I found here

white affair in home decor

As I stated earlier last week, I love Springtime and will often turn to an array of color or not for decorating a home. I am not picky when it comes to pastel shades, whites and eggshell (a.k.a off-white or cream) and even some bold colors as long as it is tastefully incorporated throughout the home.  Of course I cannot stress enough how I wish I could re-decorate my home at least four times a year, at the beginning of a new season. But, since that is not an option, I simply sigh over some of the enticing photographs of decor gone wonderful. Now, the color white to me represents cleanliness (or sometimes) dirty if not cared for very well. It is a difficult color to maintain and use correctly while decorating a home. Too much white, although sometimes soothing to the eyes (believe it or not) can be a bit bland, unless of course you thoroughly enjoy the shade (or is it?). With that said, check out some of the picks I found and …

decor: the do’s of art walls

Lately I have been looking at suggestions for art walls. Since I plan to live in an apartment type dwelling I think this decorating suggestion may work, not sure in which room but I am considering the option. Now, art wall is a tricky thing to incorporate in a home and if not done correctly it can be an eye sore for sure. Hanging photos of your family along a hallway, in my opinion, does not constitute an art wall. A true art wall is a group of odd size and shape black and white and/or some tasteful color photos stratigically grouped together to create, well, a work of art 🙂 So, for this piece I have included photos of some of my favorite art walls in hopes I will find a way to dupplicate or even create my own style from it. Tell me what you think?

inspiration decor – all things glamorous

I figured it was time to stop ranting about the holidays (for a bit) and blog about all things glamorous to shake off some of the holiday stress. The interesting thing about this subject matter, for me, is that although I appreciate the charm of all things glamorous, I tend to shy away from incorporating them throughout my home.  But honestly,  I wouldn’t mind having a glamorous guest bedroom just to escape to once in a while. Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos of all things glamorous, to ponder over. Enjoy and feel free to share with us photos of your favorite glamorous decor.

boutique hotel pick – Soho Grand Hotel – New York

There is nothing like visiting New York during the holiday season, in my opinion, to sort of reconnect with the past and do some good old fashion shopping and dining. In the midst of this romantic destination (only during the holiday season, mind you), I have included one of my favorite boutique hotel picks to consider, just in case you are up to the adventure. It is none other than the classic and mostly unique Soho Grand Hotel Enjoy and have a great weekend!

interior affair for this woman over 40

If someone were to tell me I won a good amount of money to redecorate my home, of course after relocating to Paris or perhaps to New York, I would immediately go to the internet for the most inspiring styles and decor to incorporate or copy for my nice, new loft or apartment. For a person like me, who likes change almost on a weekly basis, it is really  difficult to pin point any particular style. I use what I like and sometimes that may mean it is too unconventional, somewhat bizarre or even  eccentric for my circle of family and friends, but for the most part it works for me. The way I see it, I really don’t feel that every room has to be the same in style, I also like mixing and matching furniture, colors and themes as long as there is some interesting flow to what I have created. So, although some of the photos I included are just the tip of the iceberg of what I see happening around me, …