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christmastime in the napa wine country

I have never been to Napa past October, let alone during the holiday season. Usually because, the countryside past the turning of the leaves, isn’t  as appealing during this time of the year and if there is rain involved, the region usually experiences flooding, making it difficult to travel.  However, this past weekend, we decided to venture out to Napa since it’s been unusually warm and dry around the bay area.

I must admit, I was actually surprised to discover still remnants of fall all around, with colorful trees standing strong, bright orange leaves hanging on their last thread along the walls of the wineries, vibrant green holy leaves and red berries blooming  through the bare twigs of the fig trees. It was truly a sight for sore eyes.  To top it off, once we opened the doors to all the wineries we visited, I was captivated by the warm glowing lights and sparkle from all the Christmas decor and the subtle smell of cinnamon and spice incense emanating from every room.

I loved every minute of this particular trip up north and I can honestly tell you I am going to make a tradition of it every year. Enjoy some of the photographs I have included below and please remember to ask before you borrow.

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