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Weekend Wrap and This Dessert

Normally we venture out of the city on day trips to satisfy our wanderlust. But as most of you know, we are battling fires all around northern California, which seems to be the norm in recent years, except this one adds to the already sad state of our new lifestyle.

So, Saturday we did some chores, and ran errands, mostly shopping for essentials – to be out but to stay indoors if you will – and in the evening had cocktails and watched silly and surely entertaining films here and here.

On Sunday we took a chance, venturing across the Golden Gate, and staying close by, in Sausalito to explore and yet be ready if need be to return home and be indoors. So, we walked as usual up the steep hills, and through the narrow streets, with me wanting to capture photographs of the smoke filled air mixed with the picturesque small town of Sausalito. The color contrast to my eye was the most fascinating.

To the south, the polluted air – dampening everyone’s moods

To the north – haze and smoke filled skies

I wish I could have a garden where dears can roam free – and never fear the dangers as these beauties were sensing all around

The quaint boathouse neighborhood, past all the touristy downtown Main Street in Sausalito was a wonderful discovery. Can you imagine we’ve never ventured out that far, from the hustle and bustle of NORMAL tourist seasons

A terrace view of a Mexican restaurant we frequented when we were dating a century ago. Now it is Salito’s Crab House and Prime Rib restaurant setting up for outdoor dining only


We learned that you can dock your small boat for 90 minutes for free in this very spot – in case you are coming across Tiburon for dinner 🙂

As I said before, I would – live – in – a houseboat.

Back to the car we trekked, along Main Street Sausalito. It felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves. 

We decided this weekend, not to ponder over the sadness all around, and instead busy ourselves with positive distractions. After all – even our brains need a break on the weekends.

I spent a few hours painting complex paint-by-number boards online and I have to say it helped elevate my mood or actually made me feel very peaceful

More films were watched on Sunday  – here and here 

And this morning – all I want to do is attempt this lovely cake – just because. Click here for the recipe

How was your weekend?

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