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Travel: Best Places to Go In October If You Have Photography In Mind

Took a 24 hour trip to Montana Friday to Saturday for business and although I was to arrive on Friday by noon – thinking I can have dinner with family, I ended up experiencing all the construction taking shape in various airports on the western side of this country, trying to get to my destination – since my original flight from San Francisco, with stopover in Seattle to Montana went south.  I barely had time to wind down a minute Friday night only to fly back early Saturday morning, – meaning I had to be at the airport by 5 – so you figure the numbers. 🙂

By the time I opened the front door to my peaceful abode, I felt as if I had missed out on so much – in just the twenty-four hours I was gone.  Do you ever feel that way?

While walking a number of airports, with posters and signage pointing to travels  around the world, I couldn’t help but feel the need to travel in the best month of the year – October – to…

New England – a destination I’ve had on my mind since I traveled through Cornwall England, where every American I came across told me to consider New England – which is a replica of Cornwall.

Scotland – need I say more?

Yes Sweden – in October – might be colder than most destinations, but it’s the light effect I think about for the best of travel photography

Bruges, Belgium can be a romantic destination in October. A brisk walk through the streets adorned with colorful architecture, and the best again in photography

Bavaria – Germany – castles, rivers, and foliage – take a cruise and your camera –

Depression is a growing concern and treatment often times is a form of prescription drugs. But this destination offers up a solution to depression in the most organic and natural way

Natural cure for depression is a possibility in this Australian region …is this worth a trip to the land down under?

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