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Comfort Zone

How do you manage being out of your comfort zone?

This is something I am struggling with recently. I mean I love a good challenge at work, but sometimes, when dealing with issues falling into the grayish zone, it is very challenging…to make the ‘right call’.

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Naturally working remotely doesn’t help. Or does it? I mean at least, no one can see you panicking if you don’t have your camera turned on.

Normally, I take a day or two to ponder over a situation and do some research to come up with the best solution or one with minimal risk attached to it. But even then I am up at night after the decision is put in place, second guessing myself.

So here’s my list of questions to you

How do build the confidence level to go past your comfort?

Is fear of failing stopping you from making decisions?

Are you a risk taker who is good with dealing with the consequences later?

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