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Lifestyle: Self Love

I’ve been discussing the topic of self-love or not-so-much with a few close friends of mine recently – and although after the talks, I feel a little better about things, sooner than later, I fall back into the bad habits I’ve developed like most who are hard on ourselves.

You know the kind where you don’t think you’ve reached your full potential or that you are spending too much time taking care of others and not so much yourself, or simply the guilty feelings when you fail at something you’ve set out to do, or even giving up.

I think what I wonder most is, how some people know exactly how to talk themselves out of those destructive behaviors while others don’t. And then I wonder if those who preach – are they truly as together as they come across. When I am out in the world, or simply my neck of the world, I observe others naturally, to figure out why the (worried, distant, tired, disappointed, or sad) expression plastered across their faces and do they feel the same as I do most days, when I am so hard on myself.

Here’s a book that offers up The SUBTLE ART
of Not Giving A F*** penned by Mark Manson
which may help. I found his suggestions eye
opening for sure, but wonder if it is applicable
to both sexes. Meaning to say that since men and
women think differently about matters of life and act differently.
I wonder if the tools Manson offers up from a man’s point of view,
is truly workable for both genders. I would love to hear your opinion on this one, so please offer it up.


Another suggestion for helping yourself to self love is a five day FREE challenge  to see why it is that you beat yourself up, or that you don’t think you are worthy of obtaining your full potential, or my favorite, WE ALL NEED TO STOP comparing ourselves to others. So…are you up to the challenge?


And last, UNPLUG yourself and reprogram your focus with this helpful book on meditation from Suze Schwartz, which I’ve been debating for a while to incorporate in my daily ritual. Have you tried meditation and if so what benefits did you get out of it?


And you know what, if all else fails, then consider a life coach. I knew a person or an old boss of mine, who embraced working with a life coach and after his weekly sessions, he would come back to work and apply or pass on what he’s learned. Which I found pretty useful as well. And naturally I would love to hear form you on this topic as well.

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