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What To Watch On Television

I don’t have a specific genre, in terms of choosing films or television series to watch. I just click and go from one streaming app to the next based on the film/show poster. I used to care about the who and the why, but I’m more now going with – just entertain me please.

Here’s the recent recommends.

Rom-Com with a solid dialogue, a coming of age cast, and on point obsession of not letting someone go…had to say I loved it.
Silly and yet pretty entertaining about an not-so-great struggling author in England, who discovers his book is a hit in—MEXICO!
If you grow up with ‘The Ricardos (a.k.a. I Love Lucy) you’d want to see a week in the life of the perfect on-screen couple, with a dark behind the scenes life.
Period film, based on Louis Wain’s battle with mental illness, obsession with his wife and famous paintings of cats.
I have to admit I was on the fence about KM-3 since I did not like KM-2. But it was worth the 2hours spent lounged on a sofa relaying to the historical events that number 3 was based on – naturally with a twist. I highly recommend it if you are a history buff willing to see outside the box.
I do love a Emily Blunt film, especially a rom-com. I adored this one and definitely laughed out loud more than once. Besides I can never pass up a film made on location – Ireland.
Watching the talented Julia Garner is a pleasure, even before Inventing Anna. In The Assistant, she happily takes a job as working for a well-know film producer, only to experience first hand his abusive wrath. Watch this first if you can before Inventing Anna
One of the best films for 2022, is my vote. I was caught up in the world wind life of Anna the influencer, the heiress, the businesswoman, the manipulator, the friend, the enemy, the tormented daughter, and many more characters you grow to love and hate. Must see for sure

I’ve got more, but will pause until next time.

What films/televisions series do you recommend?

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