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What To Watch On Television

I don’t have a specific genre, in terms of choosing films or television series to watch. I just click and go from one streaming app to the next based on the film/show poster. I used to care about the who and the why, but I’m more now going with – just entertain me please. Here’s the recent recommends. I’ve got more, but will pause until next time. What films/televisions series do you recommend? Featured image source and full credit

Lifestyle: What Are You Watching On Television?

When I started blogging – twelve years ago – wow! I didn’t know if it was best to keep a separate blog for my love of films and filmmaking and another for all other interests that I have. Since being new to the concept of blogging, I ended up launching several blogs across the internet and watched them take flight here, here, and here. Twelve years later, I have slowed down this blog to a crawl – because I don’t get the chance to red carpet premieres anymore like I did, nor attend film festivals every year. But nevertheless, I still maintain an entry here and there about some of my recent favorite shows and films or discuss upcoming projects I am excited about – minus all the reality (actually staged) TV shows. But today, I am interested in finding out what films you’ve seen or shows you’ve binge watched, if you care to share. Because, I keep feeling as if I have reached the end of all films, and have caught up to all …