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Lifestyle: What Are You Watching On Television?

When I started blogging – twelve years ago – wow! I didn’t know if it was best to keep a separate blog for my love of films and filmmaking and another for all other interests that I have. Since being new to the concept of blogging, I ended up launching several blogs across the internet and watched them take flight here, here, and here.

Twelve years later, I have slowed down this blog to a crawl – because I don’t get the chance to red carpet premieres anymore like I did, nor attend film festivals every year. But nevertheless, I still maintain an entry here and there about some of my recent favorite shows and films or discuss upcoming projects I am excited about – minus all the reality (actually staged) TV shows.

But today, I am interested in finding out what films you’ve seen or shows you’ve binge watched, if you care to share. Because, I keep feeling as if I have reached the end of all films, and have caught up to all of my favorite series of recent years and fear that soon I’ll have nothing to watch. 🙂

So, here’s  my list of films and shows I’ve seen this month

Seen both seasons and following up on casting and background details for season 3, which I am looking forward to in 2019.

Netflix: The Incredible Jessica James is a modern-day story about one woman’s struggles in all that makes up her life


Can’t brag enough about this period film brimmed with suspense and drama and  filmed in a picturesque part of the world 

Netflix: The Polka King – Strangely I could not stop watching this film until the very end, cheesy as it was.

I can’t believe I waited for 6 years to see this one. Highly recommend the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

I am binge watching these two television shows right now. Have you seen them? And if so, what do you think?

{photo source here and here}

And finally – I am strangely experiencing Imposters withdrawals since I am all caught up. Although, I wonder if I am going to watch the next season when its released. I know I am weird.


And finally, here’s what I’m thinking of tackling for September.

And if I can get past how awful the strained relationship between father and son makes me feel, I will try again to watch Travels With My Father – season 2, which is coming our way in September. And only because I am doing much research about family dynamics while travelling – for a short story I am writing:


If you are a planner like I am and take the filmmaking industry as seriously as I do, then here’s the list of Netflix films/shows scheduled for September 2018


  1. “Better Call Saul” is good, a spin off from Breaking Bad…which is the best show of all time! Better Call Saul is slow and takes time to’s getting better, as it gets closer to the storyline from Breaking Bad.

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