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Lifestyle: This Could Be Me…

The first of November! And I have to say, I am a little sad that there are only two months remaining to 2018. What and how, naturally comes to mind right about now – even though I pretend while speaking to friends and family, that I do not keep track of the small stuff. I really do. The small stuff is what the bigger picture is made of.  Think of it as a paint-by-number canvas, once filled, the result could very well become a masterpiece or a disaster, especially if you paint outside the lines. 🙂

I know, I am nuts. But did it make you think? Or laugh, or smile? If so, than I’ve done my job for today.  So, here’s to November and me wishing these could be me –  right about now?

No need for an explanation but in case you are wondering – Paris+Luxenbourg Gardens is the idealest space to read

On a foliage train travel through the Northeast

On the bucket list – hoping to happen in 2019 but for now I’ll keep on dreamin’ for a week escape into the woods – the good parts that is 🙂

Well, you get the picture

Dressed the part, maybe not so much off the shoulders, to the Dicken’s Fair I plan to attend in a few weeks. Perhaps maybe dressing down the gown 😉 is in order considering the era

Would you or have you read this novel? I’ve added it to my November must-read list

{featured image source}

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