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I don’t know what possessed me to watch Father of the Bride last night. The one with Steve Martin, not the classic tale from 1950 with Spencer Tracy.   Anyway, back in 1991 when the film was first shown, I watched it with a different perspective.  So, when I watched it again a few nights ago, the first thing that stuck to me was the opening dialogue – where Steve Martin’s character reflects on his life, family/kids, and the town they life – San Marino, California. Back in 1991, the thought of living in such a small town would have never crossed my mind watching a film. Instead I focused mainly on the fashion, and the decor aspect of the movie, and the cuteness of the storyline.

But my mind was fixed on San Marino, and I quickly paused the story to get a glimpse of the small town and all information available online – making a note that on my next trip to Los Angeles, I would detour to the area and get a good look at the place.   This idea, led to another and I came across this topic in Travel & Leisure magazine about Ten American Charming Towns That Are Not Yet Famous, and naturally I had to share, just in case you are at point in your life, feeling the need to reflect on the good ol’ days. 🙂

Here’s a few on my radar, for the rest go here:

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