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Photography I Can Only Imagine Taking

I have taken thousands of photographs in my lifetime. Most of them, as expected, while travelling.  They are great photographs that I cherish, and often  thumb through  in albums, and on my computer to feel inspired or simply to reflect on events gone by.

So you can imagine how much I appreciate travel photographs taken by others, especially those I was unable to snap with my camera, even though at the time I wondered how I can get up there and snap that photo.

Here are  some photos  I can pretty much imagine the exact location where the photographer stood to snap these amazing pictures.

15-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous 21-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous 24-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous 25-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous 27-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous 30-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous 32-10-Images-With-@bmseventh-This-Is-Glamorous

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