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cold weather blues


I never thought I would say this, but since we’ve had freezing temperatures throughout most of California, I have literally shut down in more ways than I imagined could be possible.  The strange thing about this weather, which is holding steady at 34ish in the city and 28 or less in the suburbs, is that people actually hibernate and that makes for a dreary day, almost every day this week.

What’s happened to everyone? There was a point during my lunch hour on Monday and Tuesday, that I walked through Union Square and was able to count the number of people in the streets and as for the retail shops, the sales clerks outnumbered the cliental in most any store I walked through. This is a hard thing to see right after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  

The worst about this weather is that all I  crave for is comfort food and find it difficult to stay focused on my brand new eating plan.  In addition to the food cravings, it seems I have also lost my creativity or so it feels like it at the moment. 

So, in light of my poor excuses, I am going to hibernate for a few days from the blogging world, just so I could get my inspiration back enough to post meaningful entries.

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