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travel recommend: cinque terre, italy

This weekend marks the beginning of my official travel recommends.  As I stated before I get the travel itch sometime in March, but it doesn’t really flare up until about mid May when I discover my circle of acquaintances are planning their trips.

In light of the fact, my first recommend is what is known as Cinque Terre in Italy.

Located along the western coats of Italy, this area consists of five small villages which literally cling to the Ligurian cliffs. The villages are small  and close enough that you can actually walk from own village to the next within a matter of hours.

The first time I discovered the area was actually when I coordinated travel plans for college students. I heard a group of them talking about buying a railpass and finding their way to the area.  That same year, I decided to take a trip to Italy and after locating Cinque Terre on the map, I chartered my course on how to incorporate Cinque Terre into my trip.

To make it easier on myself, since I didn’t know what I was up against, I reserved a hotel room near the train station in Genoa. While feeling adventurous upon my arrival, I discovered there were shuttle-like trains which took you to stops associated with each village and from there you could  either take a bus down to the area where the villages were or simply walked several miles to get to them.

The funny thing I discovered on my trip there, is  that most of the tourists who go there, are students and budget travellers, while others shy away from the challenges of making their way through the area.

One thing I do recommend is reading up on it and learning how to get there and how to get out, meaning double checking on bus and train schedules. If you plan to make a day trip to perhaps one village, make sure you don’t get stuck because of misinformation. Outside of that, it is a must see, especially for the photographers at heart.

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